Students are learning how to dribble the basketball in phy. ed. class. #brillionlions
about 8 hours ago, Margie Bauknec
Basket ball
Students in Kindergarten are working on a special project. They are making gifts to give to Brillion residents living in senior assisted facilities. The students are so excited hoping to bring joy to the residents. #brillionlions
about 19 hours ago, Margie Bauknec
Winter gift
Winter gift 2
Winter gift 3
Winter Gift 4
Mr. Huebner's fifth grade class is starting second trimester with the "Observing Our Sky" unit. They're playing the rotating earth game. #brillionstem
about 23 hours ago, Jessica Hassemer
Brillion Public School District Child Find - Annually, the Brillion School District conducts developmental screening of preschool children aged 2 ½ years through 4 years old (30 months - 48 months). Each child's motor, communication, and social skills are evaluated. The information from this screening is used to determine whether a child should be evaluated for a suspected disability. The district will mail the Ages and Stages Developmental Questionnaire the first week in December to families having a child that is between 2 ½ and 4 years of age. This will give us valuable information about your child. Once returned, you will be contacted by the School Psychologist if clarification, additional information or follow up screening is suggested. If you have questions about this screener or additional concerns about your child's development and / or did not receive a questionnaire, please contact the Special Education and Student Services Department at 920-756-2166. #brillionlions
about 23 hours ago, Margie Bauknec
Child Find
Kindergarten designed and built boats today. The goal is to design and build a boat strong enough for their pirate to stay afloat for 10 seconds. #brillionstem #brillionlions
2 days ago, Jessica Hassemer
Motivational Monday! #brillionlions
2 days ago, Margie Bauknec
Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving! #brillionlions
6 days ago, Margie Bauknec
Happy Thanksgiving
Motivational Monday 11-21-2022! #brillionlions
9 days ago, Margie Bauknec
Motivational Monday 11-21-22
If you would be interested in Volunteering to Staff one of the various booths please contact Abbey Quistorf at 920-684-5575 or Thank you. #brillionlions
12 days ago, Margie Bauknec
Volunteers Needed
Today was Mrs. Mielke's fifth-grade class's last day in the STEM center. What better way to end their time in STEM than with a cool project by showing chemical reactions? #brillionstem #brillionlions
12 days ago, Corey Baumgartner
chemical reaction
observing reaction
chemical reaction
Come and Join our Team The Elementary School has an opening for a Special Education Paraprofessional. For more information and to apply please visit WECAN. #brillionlions
12 days ago, Margie Bauknec
Hiring Paraprofessional
Substitute Appreciation Day is today, Friday, November 18, 2022. Thank you to all our substitutes who come in and help us out. You are vital in the K-12 education. You serve as bridges, bringing continuity and making it possible to continue education in the temporary absence of regular classroom teachers, aides, or cooks. Thank you so much for your service! #brillionlions
12 days ago, Margie Bauknec
Thank you
Basic Foods students had a little fun recently making homemade ice cream in a bag. Yum! #brillionlions
13 days ago, Margie Bauknec
Ice Cream
Ice Cream 2
Ice Cream 3
Snow much fun! #brillionlions
13 days ago, Margie Bauknec
snow fun
Snow fun 2
Snow Fun 3
Celebrating the Packers at lunch today at the Elementary/Middle school with "Packer Pineapple" (pineapple and lime jello!) Go Pack Go!
13 days ago, Jody Schwarz
Packer Pineapple
Packer kids
In Elementary Art the students learned about the Pop Art Movement and the work of Andy Warhol through line, color and design. Here are a few of the students' creations from this lesson...what talented kids we have at Brillion Elementary!
13 days ago, Tara Smits
Mrs. Fischer's 3rd Grade Class
Mr. Levash's 3rd Grade Class
Mrs. Cousin's 2nd Grade Class
Mrs. Cousin's 2nd Grade Class
It is a cold morning out there...but a hot breakfast sandwich will warm you up! #brillionlions #schoolbreakfast
13 days ago, Jody Schwarz
Hot Breakfast
Check out the good looking lions from Mr. Rajkovich's first and second grade class from the 1990-1991 school year. #brillionlions #throwbackthursday
13 days ago, Margie Bauknec
Throwback Thursday
Students in Personal Finance have been learning about investing. The students were making a mutual fund by moving different real world stocks and trying to figure out what their average return rate would be. The students have learned about stocks, bonds, mutual funds, index funds, target date retirement funds, 401(k)s and IRAs. They are ready for retirement already in high school! #brillionlions
14 days ago, Margie Bauknec
Business 2
Business 3
FCCLA (Family, Career, & Community Leader of America) recently made homemade apple pies for our vets then helped serve pie, ice cream and coffee after during lunch after the Veteran's Day program. #brillionlions
14 days ago, Margie Bauknec
Apple Pie
Apple Pie 2
Apple Pie 3
Apple Pie 4