Welcome to Brillion Public Schools

The Brillion Public Schools take pride in being a place where all students can learn in an environment that fosters their interests and strengths.  With a focus on helping every student achieve at high levels, the Brillion Public Schools has a record of high achievement rooted in a commitment to the growth of every child.

The Brillion Public Schools serves approximately 1,000 students.  We are a place small enough where every child receives the individual attention they need to achieve big things.  Whether in the classroom, on the stage, on the athletic field, or in a laboratory, Brillion is a great place to learn and grow.  Caring staff members see it as their mission to ensure that every student achieves at high levels.   The residents of the Brillion School District value their school and provide the community support needed for a successful school.  The business community of Brillion partners with the school district in many ways to forge a strong bond with the school community.

Every child matters at Brillion.  Our commitment to excellence in our school is a deep one and benefits every one of our students.

Brillion STEM Campaign-"Minds In Motion"

Brillion students explain their public school experience with STEM!

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