Scrip Innitiative

How can I help my school?

Did you know that Brillion Elementary School sells scrip? What is Scrip? It's fundraising while you shop. Scrip fundraising is a no-selling program that enables families to raise money for our school. Scrip is just another way to pay for everyday purchases using gift cards in place of cash, checks, and credit cards.

Here's how you can help with this fundraising effort:

  • Purchase scrip. That's it! There is no gift wrap to buy. No candles, cookies, pizza, candy, popcorn, etc. For every card purchased, you pay just the face value of the card and the businesses graciously donate a percentage (2%-20%) back to the school. For example, you give us $50, we give you a $50 card of your choice.
  • We share the profits with your child's classroom. Last year we earned $5675.10. That means, $2837.55 went back to the classroom. Imagine if 50 families purchased all their shopping and gas with scrip....the earnings could be astronomical.
  • WE NEED YOU in order to take advantage of these earnings. All this potential, with NO extra money out of your pocket!
  • Kohl's charge bills can be paid with Kohl's scrip. Yes, you can use those 30% coupons and then turn around and pay your bill with scrip!
  • To kick scrip off this school year, we will place your name in a drawing for a chance to win $25 in DQ scrip. For every $100 you purchase at one time, your name will be entered. Purchase $200, get entered twice, etc. The winner will be announced on October 27 in The Roar.

Attached is an order form. Simply fill out what you would like and send it back with your child. If you sign the back, we will send your order home with your child. Or, order in person in the office from 8-4 M-F. Please note that asterisked items on the form may not be on hand. Other items will need to be ordered. All orders will be processed as soon as possible. To see all the vendors that are available, visit shopwithscrip @

Scrip Order Form