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 Partner In Education  Honoree from the Chamber of Commerce

 Mr . Shimek Award

Mr. Shimek was hired at Brillion Middle School 16 years ago.   Mr. Shimek is an extremely versatile teacher.  Throughout the years, he has taught social studies, science, reading, English, health, and finally math. Mr. Shimek understands that teaching is much more than planning lessons and standing up in front of the class showing kids what to do on the board.  Teaching is forming great relationships with kids so th ey want to learn… It's teaching content while also teaching kids compassion and respect for others… It's understanding when a student has had a rough night at home and didn't get their homework done.   Mr. Shimek's  professional teaching practice encompasses all of these traits.

Mr. Shimek also provides engaging learning experiences for our middle school students.  16 years ago, it was Mr. Shimek's idea to take our students to an outdoor environmental camp.  Since that time, we have been taking 7th graders to Camp U-Nah-Li-Ya  for this great 3-day experience.  

Mr. Shimek and Mr. Schwantes also recently developed a miniature golf course STEM unit the 7th graders participate in in which each 7th grader partners up to design and build a themed miniature golf course hole according to certain specifications and a budget.  This unit culminates in the spring with all of the golf course holes set up in the gym for parents, grandparents, students, and community members to play and enjoy.  It's awesome to see the pride on the students faces when you play their golf hole that they designed and built.

Not only does Mr. Shimek teach during the school day, but for much of the school year, Mr. Shimek coaches.  Being head coach of boys basketball and baseball keeps him busy because not only does he coach his teams, but he helps organize and provide many basketball and baseball experiences for the youth in the community.  

Mr. Shimek is a great, positive role model for our youth and truly deserves this honor from the Chamber.