Kittel's Corner

From Principal Kittel

Three Rules To Live By:

  1. Do your best.
  2. Do what is right.
  3. Treat others as you want to be treated.

September 22, 2014

Tuesday, September 23,  is a half day of school.  Students will finish school at 11:29.  Breakfast is served after 2nd hour tomorrow.   Once school is done all students have to leave the building.  If you have an after school activity, you must leave and come back for it.  You can't spend the afternoon in school waiting for it to start. 


At 9:00am on Wednesday will have a three screen presentation entitled "Live long and Prosper".  In the past, these presentations have been extremely well done. 

Homecoming Announcements

Homecoming is an opportunity for us to show pride in ourselves, our classmates and our school. I want to review our expectations once more for Homecoming Week so that it is a positive experience for all.  Remember the following:

  • Academics come first
  • There are many activities - get involved - be positive - Have fun!
  • We have many dress-up days - we still expect you to wear clothing that is appropriate for school
  • The bonfire will begin at about 9:30pm on Thursday night, or when the VB team arrives home
  • The dance is a dress-up affair - no jeans
  • No students from other schools will be allowed at the dance unless they are approved early with the paperwork we provide
  • No middle school students are allowed at the dance.
  • Wear appropriate clothes to the dance

A few more things:

Officer Bastian will be there to breathalyze anyone we suspect has consumed alcohol.  This results in a fine and suspension.  We don't expect any problems in this area.

Keep in mind that we expect dancing that is appropriate in public and at a high school. 

Have a safe and fun week.